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mecWelcome to living the life you never even knew was possible.

That’s not entirely true. I had been yearning for a new way of living for quite some time. For too long I had been living a life that felt uninspired, I was tired, unhappy, and I felt there was more to it all. I couldn’t find my joy, and to get it I knew something big had to change.

I was approached to work on this beautiful magazine the way most truly magnificent things happen in your life, through a person you love. Christina, I call her my soul sister, and I met in 2008 in Nosara, Costa Rica doing our 200 hr YTT together. We became fast friends, and it was nearly 6 years later during a summer visit to NY that she casually mentioned her friend was doing a yoga magazine about NY: “you are perfect for this…give her a call”

Next thing I knew, it was November and I was flying back from a meeting in Colorado with Juli the publisher of Yoga Magazine Productions, Jen the Minnesota Editor and Jenna the Colorado editor. I remember sitting in a room looking around and thinking, Damn! this is a room full of strong women…this is something I want to be a part of. I already had a full time job, a really good one too, and was essentially being asked to take one yet another one…basically unpaid. As a start up magazine all the money we raised from ad sales and sponsors would be going to printing and distribution. Ever try selling print ads in a digital age? Ever try to convince people to write for a magazine that didn’t even exist yet? I hadn’t either…it was going to be an uphill battle, this was going to be a labour of love.

At the end of the meeting in Colorado I had to figure out if I would take the job. Would I take this job, my dream job, the job that combined just about every love I had in life: yoga, creativity, connection, community…and my hometown, NYC? Would I, and could I leap fully into the unknown?


My answer surprised me. And what was even more surprising was there was not one shred of doubt, fear, concern or hesitation. I knew it was right, I knew I had to do it. Few things in my life had ever felt so…true. It was the best feeling in the world and I never wanted to let it go. I jumped in with both feet and hit the ground running.

And then this funny thing happened..all those things I thought might be difficult were suddenly really easy, and really really fun. People seemed to like this idea, actually they loved it. They started coming out of nowhere, writers, photographers, studios, ads…it all just started growing bigger and bigger. I was in shock and in love. In love with these people, in love with this magazine, and in love with the community we were building. I started to call it my passion project.

So this is our journey. Welcome to our passion project. I’d be lying if I said it was always a smooth ride. Its tough, its hard work, and requires a faith in myself that sometimes falters. And none of that matters at the end of the day because even when it challenges me like nothing has ever challenged me, it still feels right. It still feels true. It always feels like a HELL YES.

Iana Velez